Saturday, July 5, 2014

Losing the weight for the 3rd time!

Those of you who have ready my story know that I had been injured before and gained back 130 lbs after losing a little over 200 lbs when I was on bed rest for 6 months. It took a few years to recover and get the weight back off and then I lost even more and got to 249 lbs lost. I had maintained that and built some more muscle and was sitting in a comfortable range for a few years. Then I got injured again last year... well it was a combination of several injuries starting from the summer before that and each one made it progressively worse. 

I gained back 65 lbs within about 5 months time.  Aside from being injured I had some very stressful issues going on in my life at that time and I just couldn't get the weight back off. I wasn't sleeping well, wasn't drinking enough water and slowly let some less than desirable food choices sneak in. I was still on low carb, but not as low as I should have been. 

So the last 17 weeks I've now lost 52.6 lbs and I'm feeling a lot better. Still injured but the weight loss is helping. I'm in the process of moving, planning a yard sale, selling a house and job hunting. Luckily most of the moving is done... but there's about 80 boxes of stuff for my yard sale, or possibly a bon fire after the yard sale? Haha. I've found that for me it makes a big difference when I get enough sleep. That's something that's often hard to do. 

Here's my weight report chart from FitDay, it says 51.4 lost because I made it yesterday but didn't get time to take a new pic and post until today. As you can see I stalled twice along the way and that's ok, your body needs time to adjust. I had been losing 15 to 20 lbs over the winter time and then I would get sick and have to take medicine and the medicine and chicken soup would make me gain it back. This went on from October until the end of February. It was most annoying, so I was so glad to get over all of the colds that went around my workplace and get back to losing the weight!


  1. your story is such an inspiration and you are looking great! I started the low carb journey on July 1 and to date have lost 10lbs. I have kept it under 20 carbs a day, but my question is: Should I be intaking more protein than fat?

  2. So glad to hear you are back on track and feeling better. I was low carb a few years ago and lost 60 pounds. I still had weight to lose but we stopped the lifestyle. I was recently diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines and have started following the paleo lifestyle. So far I am only day 4 into it but I am happy to be on track eating clean and healthy food. I would like to lose 100 pounds.

  3. 3rd times a charm! I lost almost 100lbs on LC since 2007, but have gained almost all back. I injured my shoulder in the summer, and I just couldn't seem to stay on LC without gaining. Even at below 30 Carbs a day I was gaining. So I just gave up. Now I am thinking of trying again, that maybe the meds were combating the LC in some way, it was SO frustrating. I am still eating healthy, but pretty much back to flour and bread a lot, and sometimes pasta which I miss the most. Not so much sugar, which I have been able to continue using Stevia. But I'm in the baking mood these days, that can be trouble! I love cookies, and scones. I need to make them LC, but somehow never seem to manage it. I will follow your journey and see where it takes you, and hopefully it will inspire my own journey. Thank you for sharing!

  4. You are an inspiration. I wish every obese must read this blog and get inspired to lose weight and become successful as you are.

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