Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vitamins and Supplements

I don't like to use any kind of added things in my foods that some people use. I have been asked about it a lot, have I ever used corn husk, or cod liver oil or this or that.... ummm no.... none of it. I have considered a protein powder before but never used one. I would rather just get my nutrients from normal food. I try to use foods that I prepare myself or as in their normal state and try to avoid processed foods to some extent. I have lunch meats, sandwich cheese and low carb ice cream, I am not a health nut/organic person by any means but over time I have watched what happened when I had certain foods more and I noticed a difference when I have more processed foods vs. more foods in their natural state. I want to know exactly what I am eating so I can put it into FitDay. I even entered in the information for my vitamin into FitDay. I like FitDay!

 I avoided taking vitamins for a long time. I had been told by my doctor and also my trainer to take a multi-vitamin and I was being sooooo bad about that..... I had them for a good 2 months before I finally opened the bottle to take one. I just don't like taking them, they smell funny and I don't like taking medicine or anything really. It wasn't that I was forgetting them, I was avoiding them! Anyway, I have been taking them again daily for the past week and I don't know if they really help or not but my nutrient report in FitDay showed that I was lacking in a lot of nutrients, so I decided to give it a try. I figure it shouldn't hurt me. But the vitamins have some caffeine in them, so I learned not to take them before bed. lol

I am not totally sure if the two are related, but I had been stalled for almost a month, maintaining but not losing anything and I go to the gym a lot and it was making me mad. Normally I won't care if I don't lose a pound or two as long as I keep losing inches, but I had a month where I only lost 1 inch over all my measurements. So I had been looking at everything, my foods, could anything be hidden in what I was eating, was I counting all the ketchup and seasonings and everything, yep, I was, nothing was getting missed. Was I sleeping enough... well no, but I never have when I lost the rest of my weight either, so well... OK, I should sleep more, but that's probably not the issue. I exercise a lot so that wasn't the issue either, plus I had changed up my workout, added things and increased time and distance and weights. I wasn't doing anything "wrong" so I just thought ok, I was stalled and the scale would move sooner or later.

Then all of a sudden I lost 10 lbs within a week's time and thought ok, now we are getting somewhere again! Then I retained water and the numbers was going up .3, .4, .5 a day and I was getting annoyed but my inches were staying the same and then my inches went down but my weight went up 2 lbs and then I thought ok, am I just building muscle? Retaining water? What's going on here..... Then I realized something.... when my weight suddenly started going down again was when I had started taking my vitamin, but then I stopped taking it for awhile. Since taking it again this past week my weight has been less each day, yet I didn't change anything with the foods I normally eat, how much I eat, or how much I exercise, if anything I exercised less this week because of being dehydrated.

Reports like these are just another reason why I  like FitDay! (If you click on the charts they will get bigger, then just hit the back arrow to come back to this page)

RDA Nutrition % Before the Vitamin:

RDA Nutrition % After the Vitamin:

Total Nutrition Before the Vitamin:  
(The Red numbers shows a deficiency)

Total Nutrition After the Vitamin:  
(The Green numbers mean you have enough)

~So is the vitamin related? Maybe.
~Does the vitamin help weight loss? Maybe.
~Could it just have been water the whole time and it is a coincidence? Maybe.
~Am I gonna keep taking my vitamin? Yes.
~Would I suggest that you find a vitamin that you like? Yes.
~Should I also consider a calcium supplement even though I am still young? Yes.
~Am I going to take a calcium supplement? I dunno, I should but I don't want to yet.
~Should I take a potassium supplement? Yes.
~Am I going to take a potassium supplement? I dunno.....
~Am I going to try to get more sleep? Maybe.....  but not likely for awhile anyway.
~Is CJ stubborn? VERY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Interesting, Ive been noticing change in my clothes, very much so. But the scale isnt moving that much.