Friday, September 3, 2010

List of Meal Ideas

I am going to abreviate "Check The Carbs" as (ctc) for this post, meaning different brands are different carb counts and this can totally ruin your 20 carbs or less day if you don't watch it. Like salad dressing some ranch is 1 carb per serving while others is 9, 10 or 11....... BBQ Sauce, Ketchup all of that can really sneak up on you. Even different lunch meats and cheese can have more carbs then others. I can do a detailed list of what brands of things I prefer later on too. Also depending on your plan sausage may or may not be ok. I think the extra salt in the pork might be why.

But for now I just want to get this posted because I have had a few requests for it in pm's and from people who know me and don't know me. I do read all comments and to those who have commented, pm-ed, emailed either on my blog or on the forum I appreciate all of the kinds words and each and every one of you can get healthier for yourself, even if you sometimes might feel like you need a boot to your butt, I need that myself sometimes too! If anyone has questions feel free to ask and I will try to help as best I can. You can also email me (LowCarbCJ @ gmail ) and I won't say who asked the question but I will likely respond to it with a blog post because your question might be a question that others are asking as well. The whole point of this blog is to try and help people so before this post gets any longer..... here is that quick list of food ideas.

Breakfast Ideas:
~Scrambled Eggs with Bacon and/or Sausage(check the carbs though).
~A skillet style with Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Sausage (ctc) and even a teaspoon of Salsa (ctc) or diced onion and bell pepper for some added flavor.
~Omelet with Cheese, Bacon, Sausage(ctc) and you can add carb friendly veggies if you like. You can also use Ham if you make sure it doesn't have many carbs and is not Honey Ham.
~Chorizo (The Mexican style not the Churico kind) and Eggs, just no tortillas, but later on you can add low carb ones.
~Hamburger patty with Cheese, Bacon and an Egg on top.
~Hamburger patty with ketchup (I don't know why but I like them for breakfast or any other meal too)
~Boiled Eggs and 5 or 6 Baby Carrots(ctc)
~Egg Salad on "Cheese Crisp" carb free crackers. The Cheese Crisps are just melted cheese nuked on wax paper or melted in a non-stick pan until it gets bubbly and then it cools into a cracker form. You can also make taco shells out of them.
~If you are in a hurry or don't feel like eating, don't skip breakfast, grab a boiled egg, string cheese, few slices of deli meat(ctc) and your water bottle. It is important to eat and keep your body fueled.

Lunch/Dinner Ideas:
 ~Tuna with Mayo and Lettuce
~Salad with Tuna and Boiled Egg
~Salad with Grilled Chicken and Bacon Slices
~Salad with Pepperoni Slices
~Salad with Ham(ctc) or Turkey(ctc) or both
~Salad with Fajita Chicken or Fajita Steak, just careful of the seasoning on the meat(ctc)
~Salad with Taco Meat either Ground Beef or Chicken and Sour Cream(ctc) and Cheese 
~BACON!!!! I <3 Bacon
~Hamburger patty or two with Cheese, Bacon on lettuce or a plate with Mayo.
~Hamburger patty or two with Mayo, Mustard or Ketchup(ctc)
~Hamburger patty with veggies.
~Grilled Chicken breast with veggies
~Chicken Salad, on lettuce or on "Cheese Crisp" crackers
~Steak or Steak Tips and a side salad or veggies(ctc)
~Cheese steak without the bun
~Pepperoni with melted Cheese
~Fake pizza, basically meat with melted cheese and a little pizza sauce(ctc)
~Shredded Beef with mayo and mustard or a lower carb bbq sauce, wrapped up in lettuce instead of bread
~Shredded Beef with a veggie or side salad
~Shredded Chicken
~Shredded Pork
~Italian Sausage and/or Grilled Chicken with a few grilled Tomato slices, sauteed Onions and Bell Pepper topped with melted cheese.(ctc) If you opt for this I would keep the other meals of the day to something like tuna and lettuce for lunch and eggs and bacon for breakfast or have this for lunch then a meat and veggie for dinner.
~Unbreaded Chicken Parm, easy on the sauce, so add extra cheese.
~Grilled Chicken topped with Bacon and melted Cheese with a veggie or side salad
~Ribs just seriously watch the BB sauce!!!!! Just lightly brush them with a low carb sauce.
~Steak, Shrimp or Chicken Kabobs just (ctc) in the veggies you use!
~Grilled Chicken cut into cubes and covered with melted Monterey Jack Cheese with crumbled Bacon pieces and Ranch dressing mixed in with a side of Green Beans. You can put bacon in the Green Beans too if you like and even a tsp of chicken stock for better flavor when cooking and if you want to and can spare the carbs a little diced onion too.
~Roast Beef, either sliced in a lettuce wrap or eaten plain with a veggie or salad.
~Tacos either Chicken or Beef in a "Cheese Crisp" fake taco shell. I fold it over while the cheese is still cooling and I don't make it as crispy as the crackers.
~KFC Grilled Double Down or make your own at home with Chicken Breast, Bacon and Cheese
~Fast Food Burger minus the bun and other toppings

When you get to a point where you can eat low carb tortillas.....
~Then you can make low carb enchiladas, cut one tortilla in half and STUFF it as full of meat as you can get it then smother it in cheese and only a little sauce and nuke it to melt the cheese and then add a little bit of sour cream if you like.
~Toast a low carb tortilla in the oven for a few minutes and then spread a tbsp of pizza sauce on it and top with toppings and lots of cheese and then melt it like you would a normal pizza.
~Various wraps with all kinds of things.

*Just a note:
I am not really into organic foods, but I try to keep my food intake as "natural" as possible, meaning more foods in their natural state and less processed foods. I also try to limit the number of "low carb" items I use now too. At first I used a lot more of them to help me break my carb addiction, but now I would rather be in control of what I am eating and be able to ignore cravings for things. The one exception I make often is low carb ice cream. I occasionally do low carb yogurt, but I am debating if I do better without it, I have not come to a conclusion on that yet because I hadn't had it in a few years until a month or so ago. I tend to like a certain food and have it a lot and then change it up once in awhile.

I definitely migrated to more of a do my own thing plan but just making sure to limit the carbs to 20 or less. I have also done some rotations of 30 carbs a day and then 10 carbs a day, depending on how I was feeling during my on going weight loss process. And you know.... I hate to say it, but I really think I lost weight faster at first when I was skipping the gym. Sounds odd I know, but when I added the gym back in more heavily then my inches went down faster and I am a lot more toned then I was before and have more energy. So I would rather stick with going to the gym and slower weight loss at this point being so close to my goal. I can feel more definition and more toned parts of my body every week and it is a great feeling. :)


  1. Thank you for posting all the meal ideas. I really appreciate it!

  2. Thanks,, truly an inspiration.

  3. I love your blog and have posted it on my blog, on my face book page and on my low carb campers page today. You are such an inspiration! Hope you get your surgery done, I haven't finished reading that part. your mom is awesome too!