Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What's Cookin in CJ's Kitchen - 31 of 90

Italian Chicken Lasagna

This started out as just Italian Chicken..... but all the talk about lasagna made me change my mind.
 I simmered the tomatoes.
 Cut up grilled chicken that I already had cooked.
 Mixed the two together.
 With some sauteed onions and bell peppers.
 1 cup containers are handy for portion control.

 I had the Italian Chicken all measured out and ready to put the extra portions in the fridge.....
 Then I took one bite and it wasn't Lasagna, so I dumped them all into my deep dish baker.
 Spread it out.
 Covered it with cheese.
 Baked it in the oven until I had Lasagna!


  1. cheese !!!!! love this idea with all that yummy cheese, It looks like lasagna !

  2. Just found your blog. The food looks great and is giving me some ideas for dinner. Thanks!