Saturday, August 21, 2010

Before Pictures

The black shirt was from March and the purple shirt was from my biggest. That is a full size bed just for size reference.

The white shirt was from last summer.

This is me wearing the black shirt in March, that skirt falls off me now and I liked it so that kinda makes me a little bit sad, but not too much. :)

The pics on the left were from November 2003 and the ones on the right from May 2010

And then the picture I have in my header right now.


  1. I found your blog from a yahoo sewing group I think your mother must be on. I want to say congratulations for all your success. Losing weight is so hard and you have really stuck to it with great success. I look forward to reading more and hopefully getting the inspiration to do more myself. I'm short, 5 ft and need to drop at least 50 lbs.

  2. Thank you Robin,
    No matter what your goal is you can do it! And yes if it involves sewing, embroidering or little floppy lap dogs and a yahoo group then my Mother is likely on it! When she gets old and has to come live with me instead of getting sent to Shady Pines retirement home she just wants a room with her sewing machine, material, thread, her computer/internet, her dogs and food and water. I need to put her to work altering the clothes that have fallen off me. :)