Sunday, August 29, 2010


I wanted to post a bit more content today that might actually help someone, but well.... I am not feeling like it today. This is kinda personal, but I am gonna share it anyway.....

Ever have a moment when you realize something and you just want to scream, holler and do a little dance in the middle of wherever you are but you decide not to so you don't embarrass yourself??? I had one of those moments today. It is something that only a larger person would really understand......
I was on this treadmill at the gym (the pic is blurry cause I didn't wanna stop walking)



I realized that my thighs were not rubbing together!!!!!
A very small area still lightly brushes the other leg depending on how I am walking but it isn't very much and once the extra skin is removed they won't touch at all. I honestly do not remember the last time that my thighs didn't rub together..... Wow..... I really wanted to shake my booty in the middle of the gym but I controlled myself..... >_>

Maybe later I will post some useful content but for right now, WooooooooHooooooo!!!! and now that I am home, excuse me a moment while I do a little dance next to my computer.

Oh and if anyone wants to know I did 6.4k on the treadmill today, my workout was cut a bit short by the gym closing earlier on Sundays. But it is nice and quiet and peaceful with not many people so I like to go and relax on the treadmill. 


  1. Yay for thighs getting more slender! You have worked so hard, I'm glad you get to enjoy minutes of triumph!