Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have had to replace my clothes several times during the process of losing weight. It has been bitter sweet because while I like getting smaller sizes and wearing clothes that fit me right, the money part of it bugs me. I like quality things but I like to be frugal and find them on sale. Everything I have purchased has been on sale or came from TJ Maxx so it wasn't full price to begin with, but even then replacing a spring, summer, fall and winter wardrobe for casual clothes, gym clothes and dress clothes can add up even at clearance prices. Then my feet shrunk from 10's to 8.5's so I had to replace my shoes too. BUT I am not complaining!!! I would much rather have to replace my clothes and shoes then to still be bigger and unhealthy.

Just for some comparison, the jeans in the back were from last spring/summer and the black denim shorts currently fit me now, the jeans in the front with the holes in them are in my goal size. My youngest beagle was helping make sure the jeans didn't move. Notice he even brought his bunny with him..... he is a little pest, but so cute. :)

These are all of my pants and skirts that have gotten too big and fallen off since last fall.

Anyway I went to a 40% off sale and I was looking around but only found a couple of tops that I thought were worth getting. Then one of the sales girls asked if I was finding everything ok, after I turned around she said, "Oh Hi, I remember you" she had helped me once before about a year ago. She kinda looked at me a bit and said, "You have lost a lot of weight haven't you!" I smiled and said yep! I told her I was having trouble finding things because I didn't want to get stuff that would just be too big soon and trying not to spend too much. She told me to check out the clearance section in the back corner of the store and said most of the racks were $9.99 and then 40% off that!!!! The signs said "Clearance $9.99 and up" so the items that said $49.99 I thought were price as marked, but if they had a gold sticker then they were only $9.99. Like this, it was only $5.99 with all the discounts!

My youngest beagle inspecting all the bags.
They had about 8 racks full of $9.99 stuff and then the 40% off that. I found 22 items for $5.99 each. :) I came home with 4 bags full! I have never done that with clothes before ever!!!

All 22 of these items were $5.99 each.
I got 7 dresses, 6 of them in my goal size and one of them for now that ties around the middle so I can wear it longer, 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of capri's, 2 pairs of shorts, 2 skirts, a hoodie and matching pants and 2 other athletic pants, a dress shirt, a long sleeve v-neck, a sweater and a turtle neck sweater all in my goal size. I also got 4 tops, a nightshirt and a pair of pj's in my goal size that were not on clearance but they were still 40% off.

Here are some of the dresses, these are the ones that were originally $69.50 but ended up being $5.99!!!
Semi-Casual Dresses

Dressier Dresses and I almost bought this black one at full price once but decided to wait since I had one similar and didn't really need another one yet. I am so glad I waited and got it cheaper plus in a smaller size too. :)

Red Sweater, was the only color they had and it can go with the black skirt or over the black strappy dress.
My youngest beagle had to inspect everything and by the time I was done putting clothes away I found him like this......
Inspecting and approving all of the new things wore him out!

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  1. Hey girl! I love Lane Bryant! To bad u prob wont be able to shop there for much longer :)! Those prices are incredible, u got a steal! and the clothes are so cute!