Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I love going to the Gym!!!

I can't even begin to describe how much better I feel and my energy level has been amazing compared to what it was before. But I am finding myself slacking on my house cleaning....... I like a clean house, I don't like messes but it is so much more fun to run off to the gym instead of cleaning house! I <3 the gym!!! Maybe I need to come up with a fun kitchen workout, I sometimes dance in the kitchen and I dance around the house while swiffering the floors. (I can't believe I am admitting this on the internet!!! But yes I dance around my house like a crazy woman. lol) But I need to find something fun to make me stay home and clean instead of running off the the gym for 2-3 hours.

I use to hate the thought of exercising but now I am so thankful that I can actually exercise that I want to do even more. I feel soooo much better!!! I still have arthritis from the impact of the accident but fast forward a few years and 247 pounds lost later and I am up past 8k on the treadmill and my knees are not even bothering me until I speed up too fast and push myself too hard, then I will feel it. Getting the weight off has been amazing!!! I don't have to take my pain meds or even my anti-inflammatories very often anymore.

Well..... time to avoid my cleaning and run off to the gym again! I can clean tomorrow right??? :) 


  1. I'm sure that any one of us will agree... Your "messes" will still in fact be there when you come home from the gym, whether it's 2 hours later or 2 days later :) Having fun and smiling about it seems like a much healthier option than scrubbing dishes anyway :)

  2. HAHAHA, I didn't know who "S" was until I looked at the profile, but I was thinking to myself, "Man.... I like this "S" person" Well now I know and no wonder I like you! :)