Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bye Bye Cute Shoes!

In the process of losing weight my feet have shrunk from a very wide 10 to an 8 wide or an 8.5 normal, but some of the shoes are still too snug, so I know my feet are still wide, just apparently not wide wide. I tried on 8.5 wide in Clarks and Soft Spots and they fell off my feet. But the 8 wide in soft spots fit fine and the 8.5 normal in clarks fit fine too. Anyway, I have a big box full of shoes to post on ebay or give away and this one really cute pair is going to a good friend of mine. I really like them, but they fall off my feet. I never even got to wear them either. Oh well, it is easier to find shoes to fit me now. My feet use to be an 8.5 before I gained weight, so I guess they just went back to their normal size. But not only am I having to replace all my clothes, but I am having to replace all my shoes too.....

My ring size also went from a 8 up to an 11 and it is now a 7, so my hands ended up smaller then they were before.

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