Friday, October 22, 2010

My Flights

The Boston Logan International Airport has one of those full body scanners..... I'm not too sure how I feel about them. But I didn't have a choice if I wanted to get on the plane.

 One of my flights left at 6am.

 I already posted this picture of my seat belt on the plane and there wasn't that much room on the next two planes, I still had extra room just not this much. So this first plane must have just had bigger seat belts. But it was a good feeling and I know that even the smaller seat's seat belts will fit me and have some extra room now too and I don't spill over into the seat next to me anymore either.
 In addition to the seat belt fitting me, I was also able to put my tray table down in front of me. This is the first time I have ever been able to do this! I had never flown until I was 19 and I had already gained weight by then.
I booked my flights with Midwest Airlines, who is now merged with Frontier Airlines, which is owned by Republic Airlines. I have been a Midwest Airlines customer for the past 11 or so years and I was always very happy with their service. I wasn't sure what to expect on my recent flights with them merging with Frontier and Republic Airlines, but there was no change in the quality of service at all. Everyone was very nice, friendly yet professional and I didn't have any complaints. All three of my flights were on time and great. There was one slight delay where we had to wait 10/15 minutes on a fuel truck.

I will continue to be a Midwest/Frontier/Republic Airlines customer as long as they keep flying where I need to go. Also one of their Pilots was very nice and they should give him a raise! :)

Flying is definitely easier for me now that I am smaller. I use to dread it, I was afraid of being charged for two seats, which luckily never happened to me. I also use to be worn out and tired walking from one terminal to the next and feel exhausted just walking from the car to the terminal doors. Even airports where you can drive real close to the gate like Kansas City International and Boston Logan International would have worn me out. I didn't realize this so much until I saw a rather large lady huffing and puffing walking from the rental car drop off inside to the rental car counters. It was maybe a 200 feet walk if that and she was complaining to the lady next to her (it looked like her Mom) about the walk. Then she made her way to the shuttle bus and told the driver what a long walk it was and was all out of breath and barely able to get up the buss steps on her own.

I sat there wishing there was some way I could delicately bring up the topic of weight loss, but there wasn't. Had she mentioned something about being out of shape or needing to lose weight then I would have mentioned it, but she didn't say anything like that. I know if that were me I wouldn't have liked some stranger mentioning that I was fat and needed to lose weight. Large people already know that they are large and they don't need people to be mean and point out that fact like that. It's different if someone approaches you for help or asks about your weight loss. But it is rude to walk up to an over weight stranger and just bring up the topic.

My next trip will probably be to see my Dad, cousins and friends in California. My Dad asked me why I don't smile very much in my pictures. I told him, "Because you don't come see me", so he told me to get on a plane and go see him! This was the picture that got to him, I don't pull the pouty card very often because if I had done that growing up I would have gotten in trouble. But when he saw this pic he had to call me and ask what was wrong. This sad face wasn't as a result of him not visiting, that just came to mind when I was talking to him. I have been trying to get him to come visit me and he won't get on a plane. So he told me to get on one and go see him. Flying is so much easier now that I am smaller and have more energy. Definitely one of those little things that most people take for granted and you don't realize just how hard it can be until you are bigger.

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