Thursday, October 21, 2010

The friends I stayed with and their "Fish Bowl"

The first thing I did in Kansas after getting my rental car was stop at my old favorite grocery store.
I got flowers for my friend that I was staying with.
and I got cupcakes for her husband. He is a K-State fan, so I had to get him KU cupcakes of course!
I got some low carb tortillas, I had never tried this brand before, they were not bad and only 3 carbs each.

They would be good toasted or lightly fried.
 The next day I made breakfast burritos out of my leftover eggs and put them in ziploc bags. My friend cooked me a big plate of eggs, so I couldn't eat them all at once. :) The burritos came in handy when I was busy, as did my Atkins bars. But I don't like to eat them that often, I prefer real food and use the bars as a snack to get me by if I have to miss or delay a meal. I was going to be helping set stuff up for a wedding so I took them with me and had them about lunch time. 
 On my way to their house the first night I stopped at my favorite Mexican place and got dinner to bring to my friends house. I had planned on eating the Chimichonga dinner, but I ordered it with lettuce and cheese instead of rice and beans. I was just going to take the carb hit on the tortilla in the Chimichonga. I tried one bite and it tasted way too floury for me because there was several layers or tortilla in that one spot. I cut the Chimichonga open and just ate the meat and cheese with the lettuce and shredded cheese. I should have just ordered their taco salad or the fajitas but my brain wanted that Chimichonga, but my mouth didn't agree. I can't find any good Mexican places in Massachusetts except for my own kitchen, so this place is still my favorite. LOL
My friends husband looked at the cupcakes and said, "These are the wrong color" then he grinned and said, "You did that on purpose, I know it!" then he gave me a big hug. When he was eating the cupcake he said, "This is gonna hurt and goes against my principles(to eat a KU cupcake), but I am gonna eat it anyway". I got there on the night of the KU/K-State Football game.

My friend.
 Their puppy and her frisbee.
My friend's "Fish Bowl"

 Seeing her tanks made me miss my tanks and all my fishies, corals and anemonies. I may have to get another tank set up sometime.

 I cooked some "taters" for her and her husband. They smelled good, but I didn't eat them.
 I also made omelets.
 with Monterey Jack Cheese.
 and ham.
 My omelet, smothered in cheese.
 My friend's hubby was very happy with his breakfast. After he ate it, he said I can't go home cause I cook too good. LOL

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  1. I'm blown away by the aquarium!!!!! Glad you had such a good time! Thank God for friends! <3