Monday, October 4, 2010

Chicken Fajitas from 99

This post was from a few weeks ago, but for some reason it didn't get published. This was chicken fajitas and how I kept the carbs down. Some places like On the Border add a sauce to the fajitas and they will ask you what kind of sauce, I tell them no sauce. Most places are willing to sub extra lettuce and cheese in place of tortillas too. I have done that at Chili's, 99, On the Border, Carlos O'Kelly's (which I miss so much because they don't have them in MA).

These were pushed in front of me, but I didn't eat them.

I ordered the chicken fajitas and asked for extra cheese and lettuce instead of tortillas.

The chicken.

The lettuce and cheese.

I split the lettuce and cheese in half and mixed in half of the chicken and some of the veggies and the sour cream.

This was what was left of the chicken.

This thing...... smelled sooooo good, but I left it alone. It made me want to come up with some type of low carb apple thing though. I have a few ideas, but not tried any of them yet.

This is the 99 story. They have 99 reasons posted on the walls all around their restaurant telling you reasons to eat there. Apparently there is a reason on the wall in the men's room that says, "Look Dad, no hands!" I wanted a picture of it, but the person who told me about the sign wouldn't go in there and take one for me. LOL

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