Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Winter Coat

A week or so ago I realized that I no longer had a winter coat. My old one was a man's size 6x and way too big now so I gave it away to a lady who could use it in the last car load of clothes that I got rid of. I don't know the lady but someone I do know told me about this lady and her daughter who needed clothes and  both of them are pretty large. They loved everything I sent and the lady who delivered them said they didn't think they had ever owned clothes that nice. I felt bad cause they didn't even get the best stuff, just random leftovers that I didn't give to the other ladies and some older clothes I found in a couple boxes in the basement. But I did give them some nicer dresses, skirts and tops because they wanted to go to church but didn't have anything to wear. It is a good feeling to be able to help others who appreciate it. :)

Anyway, I decided I better get a new winter coat, because I only had my London Fog Trench Coat, which isn't all that thick and more for just wearing to work. (This was the London Fog I got for $30 at TJ Maxx last spring that was normally $150).

 And then my leather jacket which wouldn't really be good in the snow and when it is really cold. (This was also from TJ Maxx and it was either $20 or $30)
I like finding good sales! It makes it not hurt as much to have to keep buying new clothes, but the weight loss, improved health and feeling better is definitely worth it. :)

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