Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moving on.....

.... to a new size :)

I do enjoy the sizes going down in clothing, but every store, every brand is always different and it does get annoying. I just look at it as hey, I started with a 90" waist, so this is definitely better then that!!! I have been wearing the 18/20 dresses from Lane Bryant, but for the pants I was having to wear a 22 to go over my extra belly skin. I was wearing a pair of 24 Columbia jeans and they were really baggy, but a month or so ago they were still tight. I was also wearing a 3x top from last winter about 50/60 lbs ago. It looked ok with the leather jacket on.
 When I took the jacket off it looked like this.....

The Schwan's man came to the door and I had my jacket off. He asked me how I was doing and I said fine, he said, "You need new clothes". I said "Huh?" He said, "I noticed that your clothes are really baggy, you're doing good". He knew I was losing weight and had asked me how and always tried to get me to buy stuff that had carbs in it and I would tell him no, I can't eat it. So he has asked me more about low carb once in awhile.

The other day I stopped at the vet and the vet tech hadn't seen me in about 2 months and she was like, how much more have you lost??? I said nothing really. She said I looked a lot smaller then the last time she saw me. Have I mentioned that I ♥ ♥ ♥ my strength workout and the treadmill? I'm not really losing more weight right now but I am reshaping, losing inches and toning my body and building more muscle tone. :)

After the Schwan's guy left, I got told to go shopping and get new pants and then I got told about a spend $100 and get 40% off sale, or spend $250 and get 50% off sale at Lane Bryant. So if your stuff rings up to $100 it only cost you $60 and $250 worth of stuff would be $125. I went but was trying to hurry so I could make it home for the Patriot's on Monday Night Football. I was 30 mins late, but they didn't really score much anyway. I got home right as the Dolphins scored, but then the Pat's won so it was all good. :)

Anyway here are my new jeans. They are a size 20 from Lane Bryant, they are snug because of the extra skin, but the 22's were too baggy everywhere else. I will be glad when this extra skin is gone and I don't have to worry about it hurting my back and hips from pulling on me and won't have to worry about infections anymore either. I can get the 14's up over my butt and hips but they are about 4 inches away from buttoning. I won't have any problem fitting into 14's after my surgery. :)

It is odd though because I can't use the size chart for measurements, I would be in a 26 by measurements, yet I have a pair of 26's in these same exact pants and they fall off me completely, like all the way to the ground, not just baggy..... Because of the extra skin, I gotta try everything on, cause it all fits differently. Here are their size charts. These are taken from Lane Bryant  right fit jeans measurements.
I wish places and brands were consistent in their sizing, but I guess some places and some brands accommodate a certain body type and once you find a brand that works for you then you tend to stay with that brand until they change it and you no longer like it. LOL

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