Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So good to be home!

I got to use my scale this morning and I didn't gain or lose anything on my trip.

On Tuesday, I started my morning with the sun rise in Kansas and an early morning drive to Lawrence to meet a friend.

I had to stop by the University of Kansas campus, but after living in Massachusetts and seeing all the pretty trees here, campus just doesn't see as pretty as it use to. It's still pretty, but it lost a bit of it's charm I guess. But it is a nice change from all the wheat fields in western Kansas. LOL

Turning in my rental car. It was an ok car, but I like mine a lot better.
 My salad in the Kansas City International airport. I was craving a salad, but they only had Chicken Cesar. I picked off the croutons and the dressing was unmarked so I grabbed a couple of mayo packets and a mustard packet and used those for dressing instead.
 Landed at Boston Logan International airport just in time to see the sun go down. It is good to be home and be able to breathe again and not have my allergies and asthma bother me. My first night in Kansas I woke up at 4am with a heavy chest and it hurt to breathe. It was the hardest for me over night and in the morning, but afternoon and evenings I felt better. I think I truly am allergic to Kansas, I was sick almost the entire 11 years that I lived there. LOL
 My boys should work in airport security with the Beagle Brigade. I brought them back a rawhide from Kansas and it was wrapped up in plastic but they could still smell it. They were barking and pawing at my suitcase.
 My oldest beagle.
 He just wanted to lick my ears.
 My youngest beagle....... well, he wanted to roll on my head and smother me.
 I had to wait for him to calm down a bit and hold him back from getting in my face.
 I think they missed me just a little bit. LOL

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