Thursday, October 28, 2010

Low Carb Bread

First of all let me say that I had not had any low carb bread since about 2005 before trying this bread. Also I have always been a fan of white bread and never really liked wheat bread. I was still low carb but more like 30 to 40 carbs per day for a few years and I would have a piece of normal bread or a normal tortilla once in awhile. Then when I went back on induction I basically did a years worth of induction without using any low carb bread or low carb tortillas and no sugar free candy or atkins bars either. I just went straight for the foods that were naturally low in carbs and really I feel best when I eat that way and don't load up on low carb products. But having the atkins bars handy has been helpful, but I will post more about those later, this post is about bread!

The normal grocery store that I go to doesn't have any low carb bread, but I stopped by a Market Basket and they had this bread, so I decided to try it. I bought it about 3 weeks ago and keep it in the fridge and I still have half of the loaf left. I also want to try the sprouted wheat bread from Trader Joes but I need to finish off this loaf first before I buy another one.

This bread isn't bad, it does taste like wheat bread of course and it has a bit of a spongy texture but not really spongy to where it feels funny on your teeth when eating it. I find that I like it better toasted, it gives it a better texture. I toasted one piece and had half a serving of peanut butter and half a serving of sugar free jelly and it was sooooo good, I felt like I was eating something bad for me even though it was only 8 carbs. I had not had a PB & J in well over a year. But it did make me want a glass of milk with it and some doritos was the only down side. LOL

I also made french toast with it and that was a nice treat. Another day I toasted a piece and put tuna on it and that was good. I tried it just with butter and cinnamon...... but it made me want a second piece and some oatmeal, but instead I made scrambled eggs. Today I toasted a piece and put egg salad on it, that tasted very good to me. Maybe I was just super hungry, I'm not sure, but I really liked it. I just use one piece and have it open face and then ate the extra few bites of egg salad by it's self.
 This combo filled me up and I didn't want a 2nd piece of bread or anything else. I suppose I could have two pieces at once because they are 5 carbs each but then that just limits my carbs for the rest of the day, so it's really all about choices. I haven't noticed any change from eating this bread, but I am also using it sparingly and not as an everyday staple. I guess I could, but I would rather save those carbs for something else and just go without the bread since I'm so use to not having it. I think of it more as a treat then an everyday thing, or something nice to have on hand if you are in a hurry and have to take food with you on the go, then I might make an actual sandwich out of it because it would be a better choice then normal bread.

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  1. You are AMAZING! I just stumbled onto your blog when googling low carb recipes. I am so glad. I am beginning (again...) my weight loss goals, and know that low carb is the answer. I need inspiration and motivation, and feel I can "gain" a lot from you!!! Cyndi