Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2nd Opinion??? LOL

I take my weight loss very serious, because I have not worked my butt off losing this much weight only to let myself slip..... I weigh every single day and I must know what I weigh or it drives me crazy. In the past year there has only been a couple days that I didn't weigh and it was when I was traveling and didn't have access to a scale. Even if I am retaining water or the scale went up 2 lbs, I still want to know. I don't stress about it, I just need to know then I adjust my carb level down to under 10 carbs per day if I go up 2 lbs and stays there for a day or two. But I can normally tell when it is water weight and when it is not. Since I got within 40 bs of my goal, my weight bounces around within a certain range of 5 lbs and then it will go down a pound or two and then bounce back and forth again and then go down a few more and then bounce around again, over and over and over. It is most annoying! But I am doing everything the way I should be and counting carbs in addition to calories and I go to the gym a lot and I do both strength and cardio and my inches are still going down, so I know I am doing something right, but it does get frustrating when the weight loss slows down.

Anyway, I had an incident with my scale last week. I normally use 2 scales but my oldest scale is sticking and getting worn out. it still works but it has to be lifted up manually with your toe before stepping on it and I decided to get a new one and give this one to a new found friend who needs a scale. (Which I need to get it in the mail to her!!!) So I got this new scale, which turned out to be a piece of junk and it was telling me 5 lbs more then the other two scales. I was so mad, but then every time I got on it I got a different reading. I tried 15 different times and got 15 different readings and then my Bowflex scale was fluctuation a little bit but not that much but it made me so mad I went and got a 4th scale....
Someone saw all 4 scales on my floor next to each other and just stopped and stared at them and then said, "I've heard of a second opinion, but 4? You have 4 scales???" lol.

I have to say that my Homedics scale has lasted me 7 years and it has been a good scale and I could get on it 10 times in a row and get the same reading provided I didn't eat, drink or change clothes or anything like that. So it always seemed accurate and it was well made too. I used this scale daily and used it multiple times per day too so I would say it is pretty durable and well worth it. This one went up to 400 lbs.

This is the new scale I got and it is well made and affordable from Target and it goes up to 440 lbs. Taylor seems to be a good brand, they also had a nice glass and stainless scale for $49 and it also went to 440 or 450. I would recommend this scale. I got on it and off it again several times and it always gave the same reading and it agrees with my Bowflex scale and the older Homedics scale too.

My Bowflex scale...... It seems to be good, but it makes some odd creaking noises once in awhile. I was afraid it was going to break but it hasn't. It goes up to 350 lbs and the numbers can jump around a lot depending on how you stand on the metal things. I prefer the solid surface scale like the Taylor scale for everyday use and then use this one when I want to know mineral weight etc. If I had it to do over again, I would probably just stick with the Taylor scale. Although the Bowflex scale did give me an estimated weight to strive for and that weight was the same as what my doctor told me of 215-220 and the scale kept saying 217-220 depending on the day I tried it. So it is good for something. I am 5'8" and yes, my DOCTOR told me not to get below 215 lbs for my bone structure and muscle mass. So those BMI charts (does her best Bender impression) can "Kiss my ever shrinking butt!!!!" :)

This scale here is a piece of junk!!!!!! If you ever see this scale don't buy it!!!! It is flimsy and not well made at all. I am shocked that Bed Bath & Beyond even sells such a junky product.

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  1. The best scale I ever bought was a Tanita scale. Of course it cost $75 so it better have been good. Died on me after five years.