Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Old Clothes

I didn't realize there was this much difference until I saw an old pic compared to trying this dress on tonight to see how it fit me now. I was able to shrink it a bit in the dryer because it is a line dry dress, but the neckline didn't shrink and got a bit too low and the sleeves a bit too long too. There is a 50 lbs difference between the two pictures.

I have been sorting out all my old clothes and all of the clothes on this table are now gone! They were sent to a lady who could use them and a smaller portion was sent to a second lady and a few items are being send to a 3rd lady. It was nice being able to send them to people who could truly use them and not just try to re-sell them or have them sitting in a goodwill rotting because no one needed 4, 5 and 6x clothes. This was 150 lbs of clothing that I shipped out......

The table was completely clear and then I filled it half way up again. These clothes here are going to consignment shops or ebay:
The suits and coats in this closet are all going bye bye too:
It really does feel good to get rid of the old clothes and get ones that fit you correctly.

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