Thursday, September 2, 2010


My dehydration came back because I was too busy yesterday and only had about 8 ounces of liquid all day, until about 8/9pm. I had a lot of my sugar free Cran-Grape but it wasn't helping a lot and I was feeling pretty bad and got worse today..... So I went to the store and got some Powerade Zero's. This better rehydrate me! I usually have tons of energy and feel good now, it's no fun not feeling well.

But then it reminds me just how bad I use to feel..... I had no energy ever, was always sick, always something wrong with me, always something hurting, tummy always upset, knees, hips, back, shoulder always hurting when I had not even done anything. I use to hurt my back just by taking a nap....I am soooo thankful that I have my health back and I can go to the gym and go to the store and I SHOULD be thankful that I can walk up and down the stairs to go my laundry, but I have been avoiding the laundry the past few days.....  I am thankful that I can walk up and down stairs again, I really am, just not looking forward to the laundry. lol

Anyway, I am working on a post of of meal suggestions as requested.

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