Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Red Jacket

I was cleaning out some more boxes of old clothes and I found my red jacket. I think I am going to hold on to it for awhile for comparison. I have been getting rid of so many clothes but I was trying to keep a few things that I had pictures of me wearing before I lost weight. I wish I had more before pictures, but I really hated pictures of myself and mirrors back then. I can't find the purple shirt that I had laid over the bed and it looked like a blanket. I hope I didn't give it away on accident. I do have a blue one just like it still, but I wanted to keep the purple one because I have a picture of me wearing it. If you are currently losing weight or wanting to start losing weight, I would recommend taking a lot of pictures of you from all sides. You will be glad that you have them later on. Sometimes I really don't see a difference until I compare a before pic to a current pic. Anyway here is the red jacket.

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  1. That is incredible. You are doing such a fabulous job. You truly inspire me!