Monday, September 13, 2010

My Extra Belly Skin

People have asked me for pictures of my extra skin and I just don't feel comfortable posting pictures of my bare belly...... I might feel differently after I am able to have surgery, but for now I am sorry, but I just can't post them. But I did take pictures of my belly for future reference. For now I will post this pic..... and I normally wouldn't post a picture showing my belly like this even wearing clothing because I have worked hard to find clothes that cover my belly so it doesn't stand out as much. Being that it is mostly skin, tissue and veins left behind and not just fat anymore I guess I can show you what it looks like held in under clothing.

The pic on the left is a longer more flattering top that I would choose to wear with a skirt like this. The top on the right fits me, but it is shorter and I would never wear it with a skirt like this one.I would only wear it with a looser fitting skirt. Don't mind the messy hair, this picture was taken very late at night/early morning.


  1. CJ, have you thought of wearing a girdle type thing? I know you can get them at places like Catherines and they make them long so they would cover your whole stomach. It might hold everything in a little better for now and smooth things out.

  2. I have to wear bike shorts under my dresses and skirts or else the skin will swing from side to side and hurt real bad. It's kind of like going jogging without a bra..... So yeah, that picture "is" smoothed out and held in. There is just too much skin to hide it in a form fitting knit skirt and shorter top.