Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Mommy Mommy! Look at that lady!!!"

Words that make me cringe.....
"Mommy Mommy! Look at that lady!!!"
Those words always made me brace myself for what was going to come next. 

Over the years I had heard a variety of things,
"That lady is a big ol fat!"
"Mommy Mommy, Look at that big fat lady"
"Mommy that lady is HUGE!"
"Mommy does that lady have a baby in her tummy?"
"Mommy were you that big when I was in your tummy?"
"Mommy did that lady eat a bunch of candy?"
"Mommy is that why you exercise so you don't get big like her?"

I could always understand kids saying things and most of the mom's would act embarrassed and tell their child that wasn't nice to say that kind of thing and some would apologize to me they thought I heard it. The one lady that I couldn't understand was the one who seemed not to have an issue with their child's comment, it was.....
"Mommy see that big lady over there? Is that why you told me I can't have twinkies?" Then much to my horror..... the mother looked right at me and said, "Yes hunny, I don't want you to grow up and be fat like her!"

Well, I was running errands the other day on my way home from the gym and my hair was up and messy and I was wearing one of my new shirts a size 18/20, which is shorter and I prefer them longer to cover more of my extra belly skin that hangs below and just looks like fat under my clothes. So I didn't think I looked great or anything and was kind of self conscious about the shirt being shorter anyway and wearing it with a pair of my workout capri's. So I am in a store and I hear, "Mommy Mommy! Look at that Lady!" of course I cringed and braced for the worst..... Then the little girl said, "See her shirt? It's pretty, that's the color I want to paint my room!" It was both a shock and a huge relief at the same time. I wanted to go give the little girl a hug but of course I didn't because her mother would not have understood why and probably thought I was some crazy lady or something. So I just smiled and kept shopping. The capri pants in this pic are an XL from Target, but they have some stretch to them. Considering that I started with a 90" belly..... I am pretty happy to fit into an xl or even a xxl from Target!
So later I asked someone who has never been afraid to tell me just how fat I was, I started off by saying that I know I am still a large woman, but so I still look really huge like a cow or am I even getting close to normal looking yet? They said I have been normal looking for awhile now and I don't stick out in a crowd anymore and while yes I am still large, I am not that large and there are lots of people bigger then me and I am usually not the biggest person in a restaurant anymore. Then I was told that while they personally did not think I was that big and that some people think anything over a size 4 is huge, so it is all about someone's perception but that I didn't look that big anymore. Then they told me I had lost enough weight and I should add some more carbs back in and they tried to get me to eat a calzone..... I declined, but I did eat a small piece of thin crust pizza that day. It didn't hurt me, but it is definitely something that I won't do often!

I am not done losing and toning my body and for me Low Carb is truly a way of life and not just some diet. When I am done losing weight I will add a few more carbs in per day so I maintain my weight and don't gain any back. Especially with my PCOS if I added in the carbs I use to eat before I would gain weight back in a hurry. Losing weight is not just about losing it, it is also about maintaining it and being healthier, happier and finding that balance that is right for you. Some foods will stall one person while they won't stall someone else. Use a program like FitDay and following the lists of Atkins approved foods and get enough sleep (I need to focus on that one!), drink enough liquids and get enough exercise.

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