Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cleaning out my closet and helping others. :)

Are you serious about your weight loss???
If you are, then when your clothes get to be too big, like 2+ sizes too big, either get them altered or box them up and get them out of your room!!! Don't let yourself slip up and gain weight back because you kept your bigger clothes and they were baggy and you didn't notice yourself gaining weight again. Sometimes nothing can motivate you like a pair of snug fitting jeans! :)

I have made a few other posts about getting rid of my old clothes. I have shipped out 150 lbs worth of clothes to 3 different ladies who needed it. I still need to ship one box to a lady and I just rounded up even more clothes and took them to be delivered to 2 other ladies.... I never knew I had that many clothes! But clothes that big are expensive and hard to find too, so I didn't want to just drop them all off at goodwill and have them sit there and rot until someone found them, or just get thrown out if a lady that size didn't find them.

This is the last batch of clothes I just got rid of:

These are pretty large bags from Schwan's and there is 5 of them stuffed full:

My closet has never been this empty and it is mostly stuff for work that is left. (But I had bought new work clothes and then didn't get the job so they got too big for me, some of this stuff fits now and some is still snug.)

I don't ever remember my armoire being this empty either, this is mostly my gym clothes and baggy sweatshirts with a few baggy shirts in the bottom that I am wearing around the house for now.

These clothes are for after surgery, but 2 pairs of the shorts fit me now.

1 pair of jeans, 2 pairs capri's, 3 skirts. This is the emptiest this drawer has ever been too. LOL

Me in my favorite new dress. This was one of the ones I got on clearance for $5.99 :)

 I also found a couple long sleeve shirts at TJ Maxx for $5 and $7.
I'm mostly just wearing my gym clothes all the time unless I am going somewhere nice or I wear a dress. I have a few normal tops and bottoms, but it is just easier to wear the gym clothes because they fit me longer having some stretch to them and then having a drawstring to tighten up the waist when they get baggy. I am pretty active these days so I guess it is fitting. But it has been had adjusting to not having a lot of clothes to chose from because I very much have to have everything matching and I have to look nice when I go out in public. Especially being bigger I didn't want to be out and about and look like I was not put together, neat and tidy. I always thought since my size people were going to stare at me so I needed to pay more attention to the details and not give them anything else besides my size to comment badly on. I am also very picky about my clothes too. I am just trying to limit my shopping while I am still losing and find good sales and be selective in the pieces I do buy. :)

The ladies I have helped out with my old clothes have all been very thankful to get them and it makes me feel good to have been able to help others. Maybe some good karma will come my way and I will keep finding good sales on clothes that fit me and find a good full time job instead of just doing temp work...... I can hope anyway! I haven't really mentioned that on my blog, but yes while my weight loss is going on I am also in the middle of a job search and a bunch of other things as well. I am glad I have a lot of energy now! But I am kind of tired this afternoon and I want a nap! LOL

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  1. I JUST discovered your blog! :-) I want to thank you a million, zillion, bazillion times over or the clothes you sent me :-) I went from having very little to wear to quite the collection! I think of you many, many times a day as I wear your very nice clothes. I've never had jammies. I am wearing some right now. It is sooooooooo nice to have clothes!!!!!!!!!

    I am very impressed from what I have read on here so far. I hope to read a lot more. I have lost 130 pounds this year. I wish I could work out like you do!

    Look for PayPal from me after the first. Thank you again :-)