Monday, September 6, 2010

Stadium Seats and Resturaunt Booths

 This is something that a lot of people don't think about, but a number of larger people can't comfortably fit into stadium seats and restaurant booths. I use to be one of them. The same with airline seats and roller coasters. If you have a friend or family member who is larger (probably 350 or more unless they are shorter) and this happens to them, just please try to be nice about it. Larger people already deal with so much criticism that they really don't need more from their family and friends. I have seen a lot of discussion lately about rude things that have been said to people who have lost weight, in the process of losing weight or just starting to lose weight. There really is a big difference in losing 20 lbs and losing 100+ lbs. It not only changes your whole body image, but the way you walk, stand, carry yourself and the way others treat you. It is a night and day difference the way most people treat a thinner or medium or slightly larger sized person then they way they treat a really big person. It is really sad to see it, but I have experienced it first hand.
  I love going to ball games but since I was about 19/20 anytime I went to a stadium my fat butt couldn't fit into the seats and I had to really squeeze in there. Then it was hard to get out of the seat and stand up or move for someone else. I would leave the stadium with huge bruises on the sides of my legs and belly and hips and everything.... Probably the worst one was Yankee Stadium...... I was about 400 lbs when I went there the first time. No way I would have survived there at 525. I had fun and enjoyed it but my legs had big bruises.

I went back to Yankee Stadium this year and guess what, my butt fit in the seat and I was comfortable and no bruises! It was a wonderful feeling. I didn't have trouble with the walking to the stadium from the parking lot a few minutes away or walking around the stadium and my friend and I walked from one end to the other and then back again while waiting on a rain delay.
Let's go Red Sox!
  I didn't have problems with the stairs at the stadium and went up and down them 5 or 6 times. I was tired due to lack of sleep and staying up all night the night before packing, getting stuff ready for the road trip and baking stuff for the dog sitter and my friend and roommate, but not physically tired. It was a lot more fun not having to worry about would I fit into the seats, the bathroom stalls, the ticket booth turnstiles or how far did I have to walk to my seat or anything like that. Then the Red Sox kicked some Yankee butt too!!! I want to go back again. I fit into the seats at Fenway Park too. :)
Youk and Jeter.

Drew on 1st.
 Another thing is restaurant booths. I use to hate them, I dreaded going someplace new because sometimes a place was booth only seating and I couldn't fit into the booths. Anytime I was asked to go to lunch or dinner that was always my biggest fear. I would try to be the first one in the door so when the Hostess said booth or table, I could ask for a table. It is something that sometimes a thinner person who has been thin their entire life might not think about. But if you are with someone who is bigger maybe ask them if they prefer a booth or a table.

I had a very embarrassing thing happen once where the place was all booths and no other place to sit and I had to squeeze in there with my breasts on top of the table and my belly pushed under the table. My ribcage under my breasts hurt for a few days and was bruised. It was a fast food type place in another state that served ice cream and I asked if we could just get the food to go and eat at the people's house that we were visiting. They said no, because they wanted ice cream after their meal. I was already on low carb and already losing weight so I didn't eat the ice cream, I just watched them eat it while my ribs was being pushed on by the table. They saw me struggling to fit in the booth and said nothing about it. We had to sit there waiting while they cooked the food, ate and then while they had their ice cream too.  I don't know what I would have done if I had been my biggest and forced to sit there.

Oh, one thing about Yankee fans, they are crazy! But very entertaining. This guy yelled the entire game at some people wearing Red Sox gear. I went with one Yankees fan and another Red Sox fan, my friend and I opted not to wear our Red Sox gear because we didn't want any trouble like these people got with this guy yelling at them all night. He ended up getting kicked out towards the end. But the thing about Yankees fans is when their own team is doing bad they boo them and get really mad. Fenway is a totally different experience, a lot more friendly and the only time I heard any boo-ing was at a ref. Although when Youkilis gets up to bat then you hear "Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk" which does kinda sound like "Booooooooooo" and in NY when he got up to bat he got Boo-ed, so it sounded just about like it does at Fenway. lol

And this is just a random pic of a van we saw while in NY. I guess the LOL-Wambulance was on it's way to see the ROTFL-Copter???

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog... I've been dabbling in low carb for a few weeks, but really started being diligent about tracking my carbs and not cheating since Sun. Already, I'm feeling a ton better, and kissing (although I'm pretty sure at this point it's water). I'm 5'2" and was 287lbs at my dr appt early Sept. I wanted to thank you for your honesty and exciting people to be aware of the struggle. I go out to breakfast with some ladies for a Bible study once a month and am always trying to get there first (I don't though!), And ask for a table (which often we have to change). It is one of the most embarrassing and difficult aspects of being obese, and one that I'm looking forward to changing most! Thanks for your inspiration!