Sunday, September 19, 2010


Sometimes I don't know weither to laugh, cry, sigh or get frustrated at the constant need to keep re-doing my wardrobe. Just when I thought I had gotten rid of all my baggy clothes except for my Red Sox and Patriots gear I go to put on a hoodie that was tight on me last time I wore it and now it is too big. It was from my smallest point before my accident when I had lost weight the first time. It is a great feeling when your "skinny" clothes are now too big for you. I guess I better double check my old clothes while I am still getting rid of the last bunch of clothes I just removed. Some day the constant getting rid of clothes that are too big will end! :)

I have a picture of me wearing this hoodie before my accident with my Dad in front of me. I played in photoshop and cut him out and stuck him in front of my new pic in this same hoodie, but holding the excess material in the back. It is about a 40 lbs difference but my middle has a lot more definition from my strength workout now. :)
I need to go visit my Dad and take a new picture with him soon!

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