Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Phone Trouble - Way Off Topic!

I am super busy and my phone is having issues. It won't even play my music right while on the treadmill. I have gotten 2 hours sleep within the past 48 hours. I am wicked tired and mad at my phone. I have job interviews going on and having to deal with a phone that is force closing 3 times for every 1 text msg that I can send, force closing in email, won't connect to Facebook and force closes on websites too. I got a certified replacement and it is worse then my current phone. I am so mad I stayed awake all night just so I could call verizon at 6am when they opened.

I talked to a girl who seemed helpful and she said I could get an early upgrade because of all my trouble and told me I could go pick up a new phone at my local store. So I hopped in the shower and drove 20 minutes to go get my new phone, got there and waiting for them to open at 9am. The girl didn't note the account right and then guy who we had to call didn't want to do it and made a big fuss and I really had to fight to get my new phone approved and threaten to go to Sprint, which I am seriously about to. I have been a Verizon customer since 1996 back when it was still Cellular1 before Verizon even existed! They claim that my new phone will be here on Friday and it better be or I am going to be very unhappy.

I am ready to kick some serious a**!!!!!!
I went to the gym after the Verizon store and this faulty replacement phone would not even play my music right and kept force closing and stopping after every song ..... I am soooooooo mad!!!!!!

Anyone want a piece of me??????  I think I better go try to take a nap now. I liked my phone a lot when it worked right, but it been having issues for a long time, it just got worse over time,but this replacement is even worse! I will be glad when my Droid2 gets here and I can stop having phone issues!

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