Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's Cookin in CJ's Kitchen - 10 of 90

The high carb eater wanted chicken strips and cheese fries.....
 I decided to have a Grilled Chicken Quesadilla. I had a piece of cooked grilled chicken breast and I chopped it up and put 2 carbs worth of salsa on it. It's Food Club brand with 2 carbs per 2 tbsp. This wasn't quite a full 2 tbsp but it was all I wanted. Mixed the salsa and chicken while the tortilla and cheese melted.
 I added the chicken and folded it over...... yes, I like my cheese! I used both deli style and shredded and I got a bit too much cheese in there so it got messy. LOL
 I got it on to a plate and opened it up to add lettuce and sour cream.
 Closed it back up.
 Cut it into thirds and 2 of these three pieces were already making me feel full so I saved the last piece for later. The carb count will vary based on what tortilla you used, your salsa, your cheese and your sour cream. Mine was just under 8 carbs for the whole thing.
If you're on induction you could also make this using a cheese crisp tortilla, cooking it like a cheese crisp cracker but taking it out when it is still soft enough to form into a taco shell shape.

Happy 235th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!  
Semper Fi.

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