Monday, November 29, 2010

What's Cookin in CJ's Kitchen - 29 of 90

Sizzlin Turkey Skillet

This turned out really well, it helped to not make it taste like turkey at all.

I sauteed some onion and bell pepper with black pepper in olive oil.
 I cut up the leftover turkey breasts.
 Added those to the pan.
 Cooked it up until the turkey was a bit grilled and the onions and peppers were done.
 I melted some cheese over the top.
 I added a side salad with bacon and cheese, this is again on a salad plate.
 I had some leftovers and I liked it with a salad so well that I just put it on top of lettuce and ate it like a salad the following day for lunch. This was really good, I really helped to hide the fact that it was turkey. I much rather have a ham then a turkey, have I mentioned that??? LOL

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