Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's Cookin in CJ's Kitchen - 13 of 90

I decided it was time to use my one night a week of not cooking and I went and got food from 99.
I got the All-Star Burger with broccoli instead of fries and I asked for a plain bun without sauce.
 Then I separate the burger like this. I won't eat the tomatoes unless they are cooked, so they went in a sandwich baggie and into the fridge. The bun? Why did I even order a bun???
 Well...... because these two love buns and when I cook a burger at home they look confused like where is their bun? They are so use to eating my buns on burgers because I can't get enough bacon cheese burgers! I really would eat them daily! I could have ordered steak, grilled shrimp or anything really and I just wanted a burger.
 This was the high carb person's dinner. Steak Tips and Chicken Strips. One of those chicken strips is like 11 carbs and they are kinda small, soooo not worth it! and of course don't even get me started on the fries, those are only good if they are covered in melted cheese and bacon, which I can put on top of a burger and still get that nice yummy flavor I like without the carbs of the fries. I can put it on broccoli too or chicken or eggs or salad, I just love bacon and cheese! LOL

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