Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's Cookin in CJ's Kitchen - 14 of 90

Burgers and Wings!
Go Patriots!!! :)

 My dinner:
The sauce isn't bad if you use it sparingly like I do. I like my wings mild, but I make them more spicy for the high carb eater, so it uses more sauce and if I feel like it then I add other things to the sauce to make it a bit better.

I'll re-post some other "Game Food" type things from a previous post that you could add to this:

Mini Bacon Cheeseburger Stackers:
You could put pickles, cherry tomatoes and cheese cubes on the skewers above the burgers if you want to. Then have buns for most people but just don't eat the bun yourself.

Buffalo Wings or BBQ Wings or Italian Wings:
I make Buffalo Wings with a sauce that was 1 carb per 2 tbsp of sauce. Just bake the wings with basic seasoning on them like pepper, onion powder and a little garlic powder if you want. Then use a Buffalo sauce that is lower in carbs like Ken's Buffalo Sauce and marinade or a BBQ sauce that is lower in carbs like Kraft Light, or even use Italian dressing and Italian seasoning. These wings actually had only a little sauce and it was 1 carb for all 4 of these wings.

Boiled Eggs:
They are cheap and easy. Add a veggie tray or baby carrots and ranch dressing too. You could also do a meat and cheese tray if you like. Put those out in addition to all of the chips and dips. When I have done this I ended up with people thanking me for having some healthier options available.

Cheese Crisp Crackers:
These are the cheese crips crackers made out of melted cheese. You can top them with tuna, egg salad, lunch meats or use them as chips with salsa if you wanted to. Another thing you could keep to the side for yourself or make a small batch to share if you wanted to.

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  1. new to your blog and love reading everything you have posted love love love the pics of REAL food you eat, most blogs go into fansy stuff that is just too crazy to try but yours is simple and to the point :D your doing an amazing job. by the way what is the celery piped with is it a cream cheese/blue cheese spread or something different. thanks.