Thursday, November 4, 2010

What's Cookin in CJ's Kitchen - 4 of 90

Thanks to those who asked how I'm doing, I appreciate the concern. I was feeling a little better but once I stood up to cook dinner then I didn't feel so good again. The pain meds let me get a lot of sleep today so that part was good. :)

Tonight I made Meaty Chili and Corn Bread. The Chili was really good but it is 8 carbs per one cup serving and the way I cooked it made 9 cups worth, so I will be freezing some of it for another time. This wasn't any certain recipe I was just mixing what I already had at home. It's cold and rainy today so Chili sounded good to me. I could have lived without the corn bread but my roommate won't eat Chili without corn bread, so I had to make it or pick something else to cook for dinner. The next time I make this I think I will leave out some of the beans and just let it be extra meaty to keep the carbs down.

 I used 3 cups of cooked pinto beans for 60 carbs. (next time I am just going to use 1.5 cups)

 I used 1 cup of tomatoes for 8 carbs. (I could easily reduce this some too)
 I used 1/2 cup of sauteed onion, bell pepper and garlic mix left over from when I cooked the fajitas. Lots of times I sautee extra up and freeze it for later. I chopped it up with my Pampered Chef Food Chopper.
 I got all of that into a pot and added 2 tbsp of the low carb ketchup. I could have just used more ketchup and less tomatoes. I used lots of black pepper, a little onion powder, garlic powder and some chili powder. Just make it as hot or as mild as you want it. I like mine mild, I'm not a fan of spicy stuff which is odd because I'm half Mexican American. :)
 I cooked 4 lbs of hamburger meat. (I think next time I will do 3 lbs with one can of beans)

 I decided to try and make something that resembled corn bread. I had never done this before but I remember seeing recipes with eggs and cheese instead of bread. I didn't remember the consistency so I just tried 12 eggs and 4 cups of cheese.
 I lined the pan with parchment paper first.
 Then I baked it for 45 mins on 375. It taste good, but I should have used a bigger pan so it cooked better, or just use less eggs and cheese to make a smaller batch. It did kind of come out spongy and cake like, but I think it would be better in a thinner batch and made a bit more crispy too. My friend Amy makes a pizza crust with a variation of this and some italian seasoning and said it is good. I thought about adding a spoonful of salsa or corn to make it be kind of more like corn bread, but it worked for me this way. Some of the cheese was a bit gooey inside it, which was yummy but I think I need to play around with the consistency of it before I find where I like it best.
 Here it is out of the oven.
 Real corn bread on the left and my fake corn bread on the right.
Higher carb on the left, Low Carb on the right.

My dinner. You could also put sour cream on it if you wanted to, but I liked it just like this. It was quite yummy if I do say so myself! My roommate liked it and said they wanted to eat more but it expanded in their stomach so they didn't have room for more. LOL

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