Saturday, November 6, 2010

What's Cookin in CJ's Kitchen - 6 of 90

Tonight I ended up cooking Lasagna. I had planned on cooking Tacos or Enchiladas, but I was asked for Spaghetti..... I have so much pasta to get rid of and my roommate is not a big pasta fan and rarely wants Spaghetti so I decided it was a good chance to get rid of some pasta.
 I have 3 big containers full and a basket full and more in the pantry.....
Since I'm not really on induction, I could have Dreamfields pasta, but I prefer not to have it very often. When you think about it you don't really hear someone say oh wow, I want some plain pasta! You hear about how good the alfredo sauce is, the flavor, the meat the cheese, the spices. Well you can get that taste without any pasta at all. Some people use thinly sliced spaghetti squash or egg plant instead of pasta. I have never tried that as I'm not really a squash or eggplant fan. So I just use extra cheese. I like cheese!

The carb loaded spaghetti.
 Mixing in the sauce, meat and parm cheese.

Now for the good stuff!!!

I cooked hamburger meat
 I only cooked part of the package of spaghetti and saved the rest for another time.
 Frozen Bell Pepper and Onion in the freezer can come in handy,
 I used 1.5 cups for a total of 6 carbs
 I had 3/4 cup of tomatoes left from the other day.
 Olive Oil in my small saute skillet.
 Added a little garlic, black pepper and italian seasoning.
 Let them cook until they look about like this.
 Then add the tomatoes or tomato sauce or whatever you want to use. You can use a premade sauce if you prefer.
 I added a little water and let it simmer until it looked like this.
 I put the first layer of meat in the bottom of the pan.
 I like it better when I use a ball of Mozzarella and thinly slice it, but this was all I had in the house tonight.
 I put a layer of cheese over the layer of meat.
 Then I spread the sauce over the cheese and meat.
 Then more meat and more cheese.
 Put it in the oven.
 The way I made this with the stuff I used it was 26 carbs for the whole pan. So it's not bad carb wise, but more sauce, more cheese, more veggies of course would change the carb count.
  The mess left behind on the stove..... I like cooking, but I don't like washing dishes. LOL
 My Lasagna and Green Beans.

This Lasagna was good, but I prefer the Chicken and Sausage Lasagna that I made before so I will post it too.

The Chicken and Sausage Lasagna:
Cooking the Sausage:

 Dicing up Bell Pepper and Onions.

 Seasoned the Onions with Black Pepper and Italian Seasoning.
 Adding some fresh pressed Garlic.

 Adding in the Bell Peppers.
 Once they were cooked enough I put them aside.
Cooking the Tomatoes.
The Grilled Chicken cooked and diced up.

 The Tomatoes and Chicken mixed together.
 Added the Bell Peppers.
 Added in the Sausage when it was done cooking.

 Sliced the Mozzarella Cheese.
 Put a layer of the meat and sauce mix on the bottom, then a layer of cheese.
I like using the sliced cheese better then the shredded.
 Another layer of meat and sauce.
 The final cheese layer.

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