Monday, November 1, 2010

What's Cookin in CJ's Kitchen - 1 of 90

I accepted a 3 month long cooking challenge and agreed to post a picture of my low carb dinner every night for 3 months, 6 nights a week it will be a dinner cooked at home. I agreed to cook for someone else too and they are not low carb, a picky eater and don't like leftovers. This should be interesting! Feel free to "follow" my blog to see daily updates in your dashboard or google reader.  

I plan on posting a picture of my low carb version and a picture of the high carb version and probably some pictures of the preparation stages as well. I will have some repeats, but I will try to keep a variety of dishes going and change them up a bit too. Just depends on how much time I have to post that evening. If I miss a post I will make it up the next day or later that night. But I promise not to eat a dinner without taking a pic of it first! LOL

Chicken Fajita Salad,Grilled Chicken, Sauteed Onions, Bell Pepper and a little fresh pressed Garlic, Black Pepper and some mild Taco Seasoning over lettuce, shredded cheese and topped with sour cream.
(I can't eat stuff that is too spicy.)

The Low Carb version is about 4 carbs. This bowl holds 2 cups when packed full just for size reference.
 The high carb version, there is about 80 carbs on this plate.
Grilling the Onions, Bell Pepper, Garlic and Black Pepper.
 Diced Chicken Breast simmering in the mild taco seasoning.
 The veggies mixed in the chicken.
 Shredded Lettuce and Shredded Cheese.
 The lettuce info.
 The cheese info. (This is a different brand of cheese then I usually use)
 Sour Cream.

 Optional Low Carb Tortillas. I would recomend using one tortilla and stuff it as full as possible. Don't fold the edges over and just roll it up big and fat on a plate and you can melt some cheese on top of the tortilla or put the sour cream on top of it. Or you can make a cheese crisp tortilla if you like. These only have 3 carbs in them, but I chose to have the Fajita Salad instead of a tortilla tonight.
 The normal tortillas that I used for the High Carb version.


  1. Love it, Love the way you post all te products with the carb value on it! How much Sour Creme is that on your plate???

  2. It's about 1 tbsp, it was slumped over the cheese so it looks like more then it is. Also that is a cereal bowl, not a plate. That bowl holds 2 cups if packed full to the top. It's 6 inches across rim to rim.

  3. Yum! Looks fabulous! I can almost smell it!

  4. Oh bowl, okay...I see that now that you mentioned it! Still looks yummy and I know that it would be enough to fill you up!!

  5. Wow, that dish looks sensational, but can I look even better. Congrats on all your hard work. Can't wait to check out your meals.

  6. You look awesome and so does your food pics. I'm adding you to my blogroll. Hope that's okay. :)